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Before you register, please read the following facts about our trainings:

  • We train in emergency response (ACLS, BLS, ATLS and PALS), cervical cancer detection and treatment, preventative care, diagnostic ultrasound and any other specialty training needed at the facility we are visiting. Our courses are FREE.
  • Our courses have a didactic and a practical portion.
  • Our courses are taught by experts in the selected topics
  • Our courses are taught in Haitian Creole and French
  • All healthcare providers in Haiti are welcome to attend our trainings
  • We are not be responsible for food or lodging of any attendees
  • When registering, please keep in mind that some of our courses span over multiple days therefore it may not be possible to attend more than one course at a time
  • After you register, we will send you an email confirming your registration and a link to the course (s) you will be attending.
  • You will receive a certificate after successful completion and participation in our trainings
  • To view the current course schedule click here

To register for one of the courses we will be offering at our next training session please select:

Pour vous inscrire à l’un des cours que nous proposerons lors de notre prochaine session de formation, veuillez sélectionner:

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