“Mwen remèsye ou pou bon fòmasyon ou te ban nou nan lopital Beraca ak lopital imakile,ebyen 8 mas ki se fèt fanm nan Sen Michel de latalay ki se yon komin nan depatman latibonit,nan COMPLEXE MÉDICAL MÉMORIAL CENTER,nou pral fòme mis ak doktè ki nan zòn nan e n’ap tou profite fè IVA e IVL pou 50 fanm” Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment course in Port de Paix, January 2020 Attendee

“I thank Primary care Haiti for this sonography training. Special thanks to Dr. Cathrine Voltaire the tireless teacher for her dedication, her know-how, her sense of responsibility. Thanks to Dr. Goldman Kissinger who made this training possible for our young health professionals and I promise you that this training received, will be shared as you wished. Thanks again to Primary care, to all the other members of the group and to the staff of the hospital Bienfaisance of Pignon who welcomed us. Hoping to see you again for a new training. God bless you and bless Haiti! Thank you!” by June 2018 Attendee

“Je suis tres tres motivée en ce qui concerne l’apprentissage. Formation c’est une chose extremement importante , qui a de grande valeur pour moi. Je ne cesserai jamais de remercier PCHG pour la seance anterieure, maintenant j’attends les autres seances. Merçi déjà PCH. Maintenant je passe plus de temps dans les dossiers de mes patients surtout ceux qui ont un EKG pour faire un assessement de mes connaissances.” Yolaine Jeune, June 2018 attendee.

“I just wanted to thank you again, because i didn’t have time to do it this morning. I really liked the training, it was really informative, i learned a lot. Already, i can’t wait to participate again in another. Once again congratulations! For your work in the Haitian community, you’re really good people. Congrats. To the entire team PRIMARY CARE HAITI, especially your husband & you. So, may God bless your familly & the whole team. Congratulations! You are a real SOLDIER Dr. GOLDMAN. PEACE BE UPON YOU !!! Have a good trip !!! Tchenbe rèd pa moli !!!” Physician attendee, June 2018

“Hi my name is Dr. Etienne Schélomi. I’m the OBGYN who currently works at Hospital Bienfaisance de Pignon in the north of Haiti. it is a pleasure for me to share my personal feelings about the training who was lead by Dr. Goldman and his team past May. I learned a lot in the trainings. There were a lot of things to learn, a lot of updates and reminders also. I admired and learned a lot from the ACLS and BLS training sessions. It was practical. It made me more self-confident and more equipped when I’m in the emergency room. That is why I want to thank them again for all of their sacrifices and pray that they will continue on the same path. I’m looking forward impatiently to their next visit.
Sincerely yours Dr. Etienne Schélomi OBGYN, MD, HBP

It is with great enthusiasm that I wish to inform you that I participated in the admission contest for the hospital residency at the University Hospital of Mirebalais (HUM) of Zanmi Health, I succeeded thanks to the training that I received on emergencies at the Hopital BIenfaisance de Pignon, organized by Primary Care Haiti last January. The training was so well organized, we touched so many points, we had so much time to do practice sessions that I immediately fell in love with Emergency Medicine, a rare specialty that our dear Haiti has really needs. That’s what pushed me to register for this year’s admission contest where I decided, without a second thought, to chose Emergency Medicine as the first choice and thanks to God I was able to pass all the stages of the competition with success. The training really helped me especially during the interview. So, I dedicate this success to you and I encourage you to continue on this same path: that of training health professionals in Haiti and elsewhere. Know that I admire you a lot and again thank you.
Dr.Rose-Guévara FELIX, Resident 1 in Emergency Medicine,HUM / Zanmi Lasante

“When we conduct a training at a facility, we ask that potential local site trainers be identified. Those potential local trainers receive additional trainings on a designated topic during our visit. After we leave, these local trainers are expected to perform refresher courses for the staff every 3 months to ensure mastery of the skills learned during our visit. Those local trainers also remain in contact with their “teachers” throughout the year to address any questions they may have. “FOR ” RECYCLAGE COURSE” , OUR ONSITE ANESTHESIOLOGISTS REPEAT THE INTUBATION ABOUT EVERY 2 TO 3 MONTHS. AS FAR AS BLS, ACLS, PALS ARE CONCERNED , MOCK HAVE BEEN DONE AS WELL AS REPEAT BLS BY OUR PEDIATRICIAN IN CHARGE AND BY THE INTERNISTS”.
Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon, Haiti

“I CAN ALREADY INFORM YOU THAT FROM JANUARY 2017 TO OCTOBER 2018 WE HAVE COMPLETED 266 COLPOSCOPIES (while the few OBGYN doing colposcopies in Haiti do less than 60 a year. You can for that contact the Haitian Society of OBGYN ..SHOG) . Our patients come from Pignon and surrounding areas , Ranquitte, St Raphael, Cap Haitian , some even from Hinche, Port au prince and Leogane. THIS IS A REAL BLESSING FOR THE POPULATION . WE THANK PRIMARY CARE HAITi.”
Hopital Bienfaisance de Pignon, Haiti

“I would like to thank Primary care Haiti for your devotion and the courses were amazing…I hope to have the chance to assist other courses in Haiti.” With regards,
Eddlys Dubois MD, January 2019

“Good morning Mr. Daniel Gédéon. In the name of the staff of the health center of Pestel I thank you with all of my hearth for this marvelous training which was very interesting of which I was able to benefit from. God bless you and we are very grateful to you and to your mom. Love you so much.”
Participant, January 2019, January 2019

“Merci mille fois à Dr Golman et toute sa famille qui ont pris une telle initiative . Nous allons commencer à poursuivre avec les connaissances acquises en les mettant en pratique au sein de notre institution et au profit de la population qui en a grand besoin.”
Dr Socrate Cherilus P.R, Directeur médical du HcR de Corail, Grand’Anse.

“Mes remerciements au Dr Goldman pour mon ajout au groupe. Merci à toute l’équipe de Primairy Care Haiti pour la formation et pour les dons.”
Dr Lucien

“Bonjour Dr Golman , je ne sais comment remercier l’équipe pour cette initiative de formerles professionnel de sante. J’apprécie la volonte ,le courage, la force de votre femme pour le depistage du cancer du col a l’ intention des femmes du département”
Michele Oliver, Chef Service Communication Responsable de Formation à la Direction Sanitaire Sud

“I have the honor to participate in your training on emergency care which was held within the Beraca Lapointe Medical Center. sincerely this training allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and increase my passion for this noble profession. I thank your enriching contribution in the beginning of my professional career, a thank you to all the team especially to Dr. Goldman for his professionalism and his method of transmission of his knowledge. It was very profitable for me and goes to help me to excel throughout my career.I want to inform that primary care Haiti has a place in my heart., with all my gratitude, receive my best regards.”
Joseph Mewaldin , MD. Port de Paix ,Haiti

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