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I confirm that my service to Primary Care Haiti is provided totally as a volunteer. I will assume all risks to my property and to myself and hereby release Primary Care Haiti for any and all responsibility for claims or demands by heirs, my executors, administrators, assignees or me forever. I understand that my volunteer status does not make me an agent or employee of Primary Care Haiti and I shall not represent myself as such.

I agree to abide by the established rules and regulations of Primary Care Haiti while voluntarily serving in Haiti. I understand that the PCH board has the final decision-making authority and that their policies and procedures are to be executed by all volunteers in the program.

I understand that travel to Haiti involves a number of risks, including the risk of violence, serious injury, illness or death. Prior to signing this Waiver and Release Agreement, I have reviewed and understand the most recent version of the United States Department of State’s Consular Information Sheet regarding Haiti and any Travel Warnings issued for Haiti (available at www.travel.state.gov).

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